School Bus Policy

Bus Fee Policy:

  • Bus service will be charged on a 10 Month basis for all students.
  • Bus fees are calculated in yearly and evenly divided into 10 months. There will be NO REFUND on holidays or absence of school, or any school suspension instructed by FIS, EDB or HKSAR.
  • Since all school holidays are counted into the costs of operation, we do not allowed service usage for selective month(s).
  • Single trip is allowed on 80% of round trip bus fee.
  • Installment payments– cheques must be prepared before the listed due dates as follow:
    • 1st Installment (Sept – Dec), 4 months
    • 2nd Installment (Jan – Mar), 3 months
    • 3rd Installment (Apr – Jun), 3 months
  • Payment must be made by CHEQUES, and payable to MJ Travel Services Limited.
  • Payment can also be made by one cheque for whole year.
  • Student(s) name(s) and bus number must be written on the back of each payment cheque(s).
  • Payment by bank transfer is allowed however payment supporting (bank slip) shall be sent to School Bus Company otherwise it will consider outstanding.



Refund and Cancellation Policy:

  • Refund is only allowed for students who withdraw from school or bus service cancellation for entire academic year. We do not allow student to rejoin once the service is cancelled.
  • No refund for usage of selective month(s). We do not allow service cancel for selective month(s).
  • For cancellation, parents must provide written notice ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. Bus fee will be charged up to the month of notification, refunds on monthly pro-rata basis only.  Example: if parents request for cancellation of December, a written notice must be given on or before 31st  If cancellation request made on November 8th, we must charge up to the whole month of December.  We charge full month bus fee even student who only use one day service in that month.
  • There will be NO REFUND on holidays or absence of school, or any school suspension instructed by FIS, EDB or HKSAR.


Bus Schedule Policy:

  • School bus service is provided for trips to and from school before and after official school hours accordingly.
  • School bus service may not be a ‘door to door’ service. Yet, safe and convenient stops would be assigned in the bus route.
  • Parents and helpers are requested to wait at the bus stops FIVE MINTUES before the scheduled pickup and return time. SCHOOL BUS WILL NOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVAL STUDENT(S) AND BUS MOTHER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO CALL THE PARENTS.
  • Bus schedules are tentative and subject to change accordingly. Bus Company is entitled to cancel any route if applications are insufficient.
  • Students are NOT permitted to SWAP buses, unless for special circumstances, only subject to seat availability and prior approval from School Bus Company.


Students Behavior Policy:

  • Students are expected to behave responsible manner on the bus:
  • No shouting loudly; No use of offensive or bad language; No fighting; No throwing of objects on the bus or out of window; No eating or drinking
  • Each student is only allowed to occupy one seat. No reservation of seat is allowed.
  • Students should be seated and buckled seatbelts at all times.
  • Students must always follow safety instruction by the Bus Mother onboard.
  • On the 1st and 2nd offences, bus mother will advise to bus supervisor. Parents and school will be notified in writing.  The 3rd offence will result in a suspension of bus service for 3 days.  Repeated offence will result in a suspension of bus service until end of the term.
  • NO REFUND will be given for suspension period. Parents are liable for any damage to school bus caused by student.


Non-School-Bus Riders Policy:

  • Due to seating capacity, school bus service is restricted to school bus students only.
  • Under special circumstances, parents and helpers are allowed on board by paying HK$60.00 per single journey and subject to seat availability. One-day advance notice to Bus Company is required.
  • This service is not for permanent usage and School Bus Company reserves the rights to refuse any non-school-bus-riders using this service.